How can we help you?

Need some help, we can assist...

Ask our friendly staff to discuss your needs in as much detail as you require. We can help you design your new network or even simply recommend products that will suit your requirements.


Let us help create your network...

Network design to efficiently run your organisation. We can help you with design, implementation, configuration and maintenance.

Installation and Setup

Near enough is not good enough...

Have your equipment installed correctly so that it functions the way it is designed to. 


Customising the setup of your equipment will allow you to get more out of your investment, increase productivity and make it easy to use.

Virus Protection and Security

You can't be too careful these days...

Virus', Malware, Spyware, Adware, Worms, Trojans etc etc  the list goes on. There are new virus' appearing everyday and with the growing number of cyber attacks you need to protect your equipment and users. Let us tailor a solution for you today. 

Back-Up Solutions

It's not a luxury, it's a necessity...

Implementing the right BackUp strategy will determine your downtime, disruption and heartache.


Ask yourself the hard questions;

- Can I afford to lose all my data?

- How long can be without my computers?

- Will my business suffer if I lose everything?

- Can I replace my priceless photo's?


Allow us to tailor a disaster recovery plan for you that will let you sleep at night.

Upgrades, repairs and Servicing


Breathe life back into your computers...


When you need to get more out of your computers let us look at your upgrade options. Need more speed or storage space? There's may be an upgrade path to consider before replacing.


If your computer needs some TLC we can help with a PC service. Clean out the dust build up or optimise the operating system or data on your hard drive to get it running efficiently again.